Friday, September 30, 2005

I am a huge Indians Fan!

Hey Buckaroos - Word UP, it's the code word.
James T. Tressel's ( and the T. stands for Tribe) back transmittting the good word to my scarlet and grey congregation. Can I get an AMEN? I can't hear you I SAID CAN I GET AN AMEN? That was much better. Now where was I?
Oh yeah so like I was saying I am a huge indians fan. Not those smelly ones with the red dots and the towel hats and the snakes in baskets, dancing to flutes, flying carpet, welcome to mini mart - can I helpyouverymuchthankyousir, dirt mustache kind.
I am talking WOO WOO INDIANS.
Man I can't wait to go to the Jake tonight and watch the tribe squeeze the salty puss out of white sox tonight. I've already drank half a bottle of Goldschlager and I'm funking pumped, kids! They're going to the fucking playoffs and Jimmy T is going to be there to root them on. I even cancelled Ohio state's football game this saturday because I'm going to be there tomorrow also - high as a kite, and if they win tomorrow come find Unkle Jimmy and we'll be knee deep in strippers by 7:00. I'm going to get so f-ing blasted. My wife really wants the tribe to win too. She knows how violent I get when I'm ripped and Wedge and the boys let me down. Plastic surgeons are really amazing.
I get really tired of all the little PC fucktards running around crying about indians being against the indians because of their name. Let me settle this argument once and for all, the cleveland indians are NOT ashamed to be associated with those red skinned, feather wearing, piss poor immune systemed, likey the fire water, buffalo hunting, pointy tented, big chief no fart ( ask me about that joke sometime), trail of tears (more like trail of whiny babies), welcometomycasinomynameisyouspendumwhitewampumhere kind.


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