Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's been a long time since I rock and rolled

Sorry, long time, no post. Coach Jim's been kind of busy lately. Maybe you retards have heard of this little thing called the NCAA football season. Man, work is such a drag. The other night, Krenzel called and he had tickets to go see Bruce Willis and his band, The Accelerators, they were playing a free concert at Easton, right in front of the Cheesecake Factory. But guess who had to go to bed early? I hate it when work interferes with rocking out.

Yeah, so the other day, I was handing out playbooks before practice, and this little red-shirt fuck complains about me mispelling his name. So asked him "Do you know who the fuck I am?" The little red-shirted mongrel's half-assed apology was cut short by the back of my hand. He sarted crying like a baby, so I "pantsed" him. Looks like somebody will be wearing a practice jersey for the rest of the year that says "WHINY LITTLE BITCH".

I have been so busy lately that I berely have had a spare moment to even snap one off! Just the other day, I was in my office with a copy of Seventeen magazine trying to rub one out - and in comes fatass T. J. Downing bitching about his thumb or some shit! I had to pretend that I spilled coffee on my pants and was wiping it with the mag. I don't even drink coffee. If that fat shit says anything to anyone about old Jimbo "roughing up the suspect", I'll plant some gay porn in his locker.

But, hey. I'm never to busy for poems and junk. Here's one I wrote on the shitter yesterday:

The mighty uincorn rules

over mountains and pools

of diamonds for the princess fair

dwarven spun ribbons for her hair

bitches want to rub his horn

but they have much to learn

don't fuck with the unicorn

don't fuck with the unicorn


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