Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cats Vs. Dogs

Do you like this picture? It's me and my cat, Bucky. He's the yellow one. The black one is his girlfriend, Toodles. Isn't it cute when kitties are in love? I love my Bucky. He's so soft and cuddly. When I've had a rough day at work the first thing I do is take off my sweater vest. The second thing I do is scoop big ole bucky up in my arms, and plop down on the couch, and he tells me about his day, and I tell him about mine, and everything's all better. I hope Bucky and Toodles have lots of cute little Kitties.

Bucky's better than mean ole Waffle's. That's my wife's dog. Sometimes when I feed Bucky a treat, Waffles get's jealous and starts barking. Sometimes he'll chase Bucky up a tree. If he's not careful, someone might put something in his dish...he betteer not hurt my Bucky. If anyone hurt my Bucky I don't know what I'd do. Probably something horrible. Let me tell you why I think Cats are better than dogs. First of all, dogs eat their own poop. It's true, waffles does it all the time. Second, cats are cleaner. When a cat licks itself it's taking a bath, when a dog licks itself it's moral depravity. Ohhh that Waffles, he's going to burn in doggy hell.

Sometimes I like to make hats for bucky. I make them out of paper.

I love Bucky he's such a good Kitty. Cat's also know how to keep secrets. Ohhh Bucky's real good at keeping secrets. I tell Bucky everything and he doesn't judge me. Not like that mean ole Waffles. He's always sniffing me, judging me. He's so nosy. He better watch out or he's gonna get himself into trouble.

Bucky's favorite food is tuna. He loves him a tunafish sandwich with the crusts cutoff. Then he takes a little kitty nap and sleeps for hours and hours. Ohhh he looks so cute when he sleeps. I could watch him sleep for hours.

I love my kitty.


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