Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I Heart Buckabees!

Hey Buckaroos! Coach Jim here coming at cha!
Maybe you have heard of my "I Heart Buckabees" program here at old OSU. Maybe you live in a cave in Iraq and strap bombs to your kids. Just remember Coach Tressel loves you and loves your delicious kids. Here's the deal, we added a new feature to our Platnum Alumni Club!

What you get:
• an OSU T-Shirt,
• your names on a special page of ALL our home game official OSU Football Programs,
• and discounted tickets.

What I get:
• Your first born child to cook and eat however I see fit.

You'll be screaming "I heart Buckabees, too"

Your happy , I'm happy - hell I'm going to be knee deep in real baby back ribs. It's a deal made in heaven (baby meat heaven). I'm going to stock up on BBQ sauce and meat tenderizer, while you stock up on savings!


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