Sunday, August 07, 2005

Drivin' That Train

Word up, Dogs!
I'm Coach Jimmy Tressel
With a Little confessel
I smoked a huge blunt
Now I'm a big messel

Insane in the membrane
Coach Jimmy's going insane
He didn't even have to use his A-K
I have to say it was a good day

Captain Jim is here once more and I am baked like a cake, friends. Bluuuuuuuuuuueeeeeee twennnnnnnnnnnnnttttty fooooourrrrrrr r r r r. Good thing Ellen keeps lots of snacks around for when Captain Jimbo gets the Mellow Train A-Rollin'.


So, like I'm watching the the old boob tube just now and like, and I'm thinking Sponge Bob Squares Pants is totally like an underwater post modern Shakespea... hey did you hear that? ...maybe I'm just-there it is again, no wait... fuck. BRB

It's cool. It was just the dirty mexican that mows my expensive lawn. Anyway like I was saying um, did you ever notice that there are no like, huge differences between the buckeye leaf and a cannabis leaf they're way the same, and I totally know that that was no acciden... that that- that's fucking weird man, one minute I'm thinking, and then I'm typing what I'm thinking and then like the same word is right next to the same word and it makes sense and then like there's three that's. too much dude, gotta take another ride on old smokey expess BRB.

I swear to god, man. my cat Bucky is completely staring straight through my friggin' soul right now. I'm going to get up slowly and go crank up some Cypress Hill and smack Ellen around with this totally bitchin' Stoner Boner I've been pulling at since I came back.

RED 69! hut hut hut!


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