Monday, November 14, 2005

Cool Runnings

So my "wife" invited her niece to come visit, which sucks, because A:She's not hot, and B:Her parents are super-religious and shit. The only thing she's allowed to watch are DVDs from a binder that they pick out for her. Wouldn't you know it,Sunday, in the middle of TV-Land's 24-hour BJ and the Bear Marathon, guess who wanted to watch a movie. Looking through the binder, I didn't find expect to find anything that wouldn't make me wanna drink a gallon of Drano, but then I saw Cool Runnings. I remembered watching a move called Cool Runnings one night with Les Wexner, he's really into Regae, and I figured it'd be a good movie to get high to. We were baked out of our gourdes when we saw it, but I seem to remember it being about a regea concert or something. I think they're might have also been some titties. I guess it mistook it forthis movie, because it wasn't what I remembered. I should have known, because the cover looked kind of gay, but it still had some rasta-lookin art. It's about a Jamacian Bob Slead Team, which makes about as much sense as a Polish Calculator, but you know wasn't half bad. I was a little worried when the Disney Logo popped up at the beginning, but it was surprisingly watchable. Even the whole thing about them being Jamacian was believeable. The thing I had a hard time with was the idea that John "Are you gonna eat that" Candy played a former Olympic Athlete. Supposedly he was a former Olympic Bobsledder, but the only thing I can see that coked out tub of goo pushing is 450lbs. Still I packed a nice fat bowl, kicked back in my recliner, and enjoyed a little quality family time. Ahhh...lazy Sundays.


Anonymous the reverend said...

yah mon! the only thing that movie was missing was the the fresh prince as one of the the bobsleders. he would have been more believable in that movie than "Ali". ninga please...

9:26 PM  

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