Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trick or Treat

HAPPY HALLOWEEN KIDDOS. Man I had an awesome Halloween...and so did Bucky. You remember Bucky don't you. My cute wil kitty witty. I love Bucky so much. We had so much fun trick or treating too. My real kids won't trick or treat with me any more. they say I'm "embarassing" but Bucky will still go with me. That's cause he's the tops!!! I take him door to door, and I ring the doorbell, and hold Bucky up and he goes "Twick or Treat" in his little kitty voice. OK, seriously, it's just me talking all hi and meowy, but it's still soooooo cute.

Then there's Waffles. My "wife" and her friends all like to get together and dress up their dogs, which to be honest, is kind of gay. Waffles is my wife's dog. He's on the left. She stole my idea, to dress up the pets and take them door to door for treats. How come when I do it people say I'm wierd, but when that bitch does it, it's "cute" and "precious." I'll show them though. Don't be surprised if Waffles finds a razor blade in his apple. I hate that damn dog.

Speaking of horseshit. A few of Coach Tressel's good friends has fallen on some hard times lately. I blame that fucking facist George Bush for junkin up our econmy. I just want you all to know that all of you out there in Tressel's World are special, but Jimbo, this post is for you. Good luck, you're gonna land on your feet. And Keep those feet on the ground, but keep reaching for a rainbow. And remember, that big man in the sky has a plan for all of us,

I also wrote you an inspirational poem:

Standing Tall (On the wings of our dreams)
The world's a cherry pie,
but sometimes you hit the pits
So , don't take shit
from them, from them.
Cause they can't take your dreams,
from you, from you.

Sometimes the world looks perfect,
nothing can be arranged.
Sometimes you just get a feeling,
like you need some kind of change.
No matter what the odds are this time,
nothings gonna stand in your way.
This flame in your heart,
like a long lost friend,
gives every dark street another light at the end.


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