Thursday, October 13, 2005

Payback's a Bitch

I knew there was a reason I hung out with Krenzel. Wouldn't you know it Krenz's daddy has a hovercraft. It's amazing what some people will let you borrow when you give them season tickets to the greatest football team to ever grace god's earth. I'll tell ya, the only thing better than givin it back to that old Guido and snuffin that smug Bill Clinton-Lookin Muther fucker, was knowing that this is gonna up us two points in the ranks fah shizzle.

I wrote a poem to commemorate our vengence. It's called The Smiting.

Vengence, swooping in.
interupts a delightful swim,
Water once blue, flows red,
My foes, now dead.
Hovercraft, Hovercraft,
I fucking love Hovercrafts.

Pretty good huh. Can you believe that only took me an hour to write. Then I did a couple whip-its.


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